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Sustainable Economic Development

Create avenues to stimulate economic growth and development through local businesses. Support local businesses with tax breaks. Create initiatives that foster an environment for more veterans to return to the local job force.

Natashia will work with bi-partisan partners to co-create legislation with an emphasis on Arkansas’s technology related job fields. Work with farmers to explore new sustainable crops like hemp to propel Arkansas into the forefront of domestic agriculture.

Food Insecurity

Work towards a partnership with UAMS researchers in the field of Health Behavior Health Education to locate all the counties with food deserts to work towards the goal of partnering with local organizations within the community to create initiatives to bring or to show community members how to grow fresh produce for their communities.

Human Rights

No government entity nor private industry should ever threaten property owners over their land they worked hard to acquire. Every person has right to exercise free speech without fear of legal repercussions. Every law abiding citizen has the right to bear arms and will always under my watch.
As your representative in Congress, Natashia will be a vanguard for the Bill of Rights, tirelessly fighting and calling to the carpet all who would dare alter or go against the Bill of Rights.

Health Literacy

Regardless to socioeconomic standing, the majority of Central Arkansans lack understanding of health literacy.  In 2015, Arkansas ranked number six for states with highest rates for obesity.  How do we change the trend in an effort to see a downturn?  We educate ourselves.  By working with leading local organizations, hospitals, and dietitians, throughout Central Arkansas, creating initiatives to educate Arkansans on a variety of issues we can address health illiteracy, food deserts, and abject poverty.


There is a clear scientific consensus that climate change is driven by human activity and that it threatens global prosperity, health, and security. Arkansas is known as The Natural State. By working with scientists and other professionals and not lobbyists, Natashia will work towards making Arkansas a cleaner energy state.
By working to bring in reliable renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hemp production, we will open up a completely new sector of well-paying jobs. Together, we have the opportunity to become a clean energy state, which the rest of country will envy.


Let’s face the fact that healthcare in the United States of America is out of reach for many people, both insured and uninsured. In the perfect scope, healthcare should be accessible to any taxpaying citizen free of charge. But the reality is that healthcare is a business with the end goal of generating a profit.
While Natashia cannot change this fact, she will fight for you and your family to have access to affordable healthcare through creation of initiatives to educate Arkansans on health disparities to lessen health illiteracy.

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